RR Competition 2017 Senior High WINNERS in Costa-Rica

You can buy the instruction and the full program of this robot!

For this purpose write to us on e-mail:


Instruction in LDD: 150 USD  75 USD (discount  50%)

The program in EV3-G: 300 USD  240 USD (discount 20%)

Instruction in LDD + Program in EV3-G: 400 USD 275 USD


  1. LF Reply

    Do you also use EV3-G for the WRO competition?

    How are the NXT light sensors so bright, did you change the LED or its power output?

  2. L Reply

    Did you also use EV3-G for the WRO competition?

    How are your NXT light sensors so bright? Did you change their LED power outputs?

    • Oleg Marchenko Post authorReply

      The software we choose depends on the situation.
      The sensor is fully original, no modifications.

  3. Dean Reply

    Why is your robot move forward so straight? And also every turn is so precise? Did you use any formula?

    • Oleg Marchenko Post authorReply

      Yes, several algorithms are used in conjunction. Based on pid controller and formulas of uniformly accelerated motion.

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