RR Competition 2018 Elementary Red Edition



    • Oleg Marchenko Post authorReply

      This does not affect the color reading.

  1. Eduardo Valle Reply

    It’s kind of expensive for a free world competition. Too bad.

    • Oleg Marchenko Post authorReply

      This is an adequate price, because this robot was developed by the world champions of 2017, who have more than 7 years experience of participating in competitions of this scale.

  2. vijay Reply

    What is the different from 95% stability and 100% stability?
    How do we pay ? the buy button not working.

    • Oleg Marchenko Post authorReply

      95% stability means that we do not rule out the case that once every 20 attempts, a failure may occur.
      Payment is accepted on the site, through the service of PayPal.
      Check again, maybe you have a slow Internet connection, and the payment page does not have time to load. If not, then write to us on the mail, we will deal individually with this issue.

  3. Paul Reply

    HI,May I know your design need how many medium motor?

    • Oleg Marchenko Post authorReply

      Hello, the construction need 4 medium motors

  4. boi Reply

    Are you guys the same team that won FLL in Hungary????

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